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How To Buy \u0026 Sell Bitcoin in Pakistan - Crate Account in Localbitcoin

Website similar cu Paxful si Localbitcoins. Caut programator, care poate dezvolta un site asemanator cu paxful sau localbitcoins.

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Bitcoin web wallet. First part is the offer creation.

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Additionally have all the CRUD create,read,update,delete operations for the offer and all www localbitcoins business logic like updating price every 10 minutes, activation, deactivation etc The trading part - start trade, mark trade as paid, complete trade, auto-cancel trade, cancel trade by user, www localbitcoins trade, leave feedback.

For all these trade actions the business logic has to be extremely well thought through and code written well with all edge cases taken into account.

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Otherwise you can end up with adding balance twice, deleting accidently records or simply break database schema. Trade live chat - Not a small part, considering that you need file upload here, moderator messages in case of dispute and anything else you see there.

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Feedback system is another part. Would you make it different? How complex would that be then?

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We have different feedback approach - feedback can be left for every completed trade and also a reply can be left. In case dispute a loser can't leave feedback.

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Skilluri necesare?