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The entering into an agreement with XTB is subject on the fulfilment of the relevant conditions stated in term 2 of the present Agreement. Lead's registered address is from a country where XTB Group wishes to solicit clients; c.

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Affiliate Candidate shall receive an e-mail message from XTB with a notice of acceptance or rejection of the submitted Affiliate Participation Form and a preferred Remuneration Plan Binary Options Academy with contact details of dedicated Affiliate Manager, who will contact the Affiliate Candidate in order to determine the details of the cooperation and the relevant Remuneration Plan, if needed. The Affiliate undertakes to disseminate Marketing Materials using only information channels approved in advance by XTB.

The Affiliate is not allowed to solicit customers directly. The Affiliate guarantees that the Marketing Materials will be directed to undefined addressee or a broad range of audience at least persons.

Binary Options Academy

The Affiliate is obliged to: a. The Affiliate shall remove and stop distributing any Marketing Material where notified to do so by XTB acting in sole and absolute discretion of XTB Binary Options Academy by any competent regulator. Affiliate acknowledges that upon signing up to the Website each Customer or a Lead must link through an assigned to the Affiliate Hyperlink to enable the Affiliate to receive Affiliate Fee relating to such Customer or Lead.

In no event shall XTB be liable for malfunction of Hyperlink, and Affiliate specifically waives any claim or demand for failure of Affiliate or any Customer or Lead to use the Affiliate's Hyperlink. Affiliate acknowledges that the Affiliate has read, understood and agreed to the Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions outlined herein. In the event the Lead or the Customer, prior to signing up, clicked the Hyperlinks assigned to more than one Affiliate or other introducing partner, the Fee will be due to the Binary Options Academy or other introducing partner whose Hyperlink last led the Customer or the Lead to signing up to the Website, provided that it happens no later than 30 days from the date of the last click of the Hyperlink without prejudice to term 4.

On the basis of information on Customers' and Leads' activity made available to the Affiliate in the Report displayed in the Affiliate Panel or in the Report issued by XTB and sent via e-mail, if such was provided, the Affiliate shall be entitled to request a payment of Fee within the Affiliate Panel. The Report sent Binary Options Academy e-mail supersedes the Report provided in the Affiliate Panel.

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The Affiliate shall be entitled to make requests for Affiliate Fee payment for a particular month, semnale de tranzacționare pe piață from the first day of each calendar month. XTB is entitled, at its sole discretion, to make reservations to the amounts of Affiliate Fee as requested by the Affiliate in the Binary Options Academy Panel pursuant to points 4.

In the event the amount of Affiliate Fee is declined or requires a correction, XTB shall modify the amount of Fee, at its sole discretion and following XTB's data and calculation. Following XTB's acceptance of Affiliate Fee amount as requested by the Affiliate within Binary Options Academy Affiliate Panel, the Affiliate shall generate an invoice within the Affiliate Panel, using payment details sent to the Affiliate Manager by e-mail, prior to issuance of the first invoice by the Affiliate.

The Affiliate shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of payment details given to the Affiliate Manager, in particular, for the indication of the correct VAT rate.

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The Fee for a particular month shall be paid within 14 days upon receipt by XTB of the correctly issued invoice. In the event the Affiliate should not accept the amendment, it shall notify XTB by a return e-mail within 7 days from the date of receiving such a notice from XTB and the Agreement shall terminate forthwith. Affiliate Fee shall be calculated and paid in USD. Payment of Fee shall be made by bank transfer, the detail of which shall be provided by the Affiliate to XTB in the bank statement.

With regards to the Affiliate Fee, an acceptance by an Affiliate of payment transfer shall be deemed as full and final settlement of Affiliate Fee accrued for the calendar month indicated. Accordingly, in the event the Affiliate disagrees with the payable amounts, Affiliate should not accept the payment and promptly send the XTB a written notice of its dispute at XTB email address as this appears on the Website or to the Affiliate Manager.

Dispute notices must be received by XTB within 30 days of the end of each calendar month for which payment is made, and it is understood and accepted that if such dispute notice is not received within the timeframe as specified above, the Affiliate's right to dispute such Report or payment Binary Options Academy be deemed waived and Affiliate shall have no claims in such regard.


XTB has reasonable cause to believe that the Affiliate's activity is in breach of the provisions of this Agreement; c. XTB shall verify on a monthly basis, prior to any payment of Affiliate Fee whether the circumstances specified in points 5.

The Affiliate hereby irrevocably waives any claim or demand against XTB, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees in respect of such action taken by XTB. In particular, the Affiliate shall be responsible for complying with any tax laws that apply to Affiliate Fee, and Affiliate acknowledges that to the extent required by applicable law and regulations, XTB may provide information concerning Affiliate's Fee to any government office.

Binary Options Academy

The Affiliate undertakes that the disseminated Marketing Materials shall only be directed to an undefined addressee or a broad range of audience at least persons. The Affiliate undertakes Binary Options Academy to conduct its Services in the Prohibited Countries. Such information shall include, but is not limited to, the following: a.

For a Natural Person, full KYC documents and information, including: 1 copy of a valid photo Binary Options Academy card; 2 name and surname; 3 identity number; 4 date of birth; 5 nationality; 6 address of residence; 7 contact Binary Options Academy 8 location and nature of marketing activities; 9 VAT registration or other tax reference; 10 bank statement including details for Fee remittances: name on bank account, bank Binary Options Academy number and sort code or IBAN, Bank name and address; 11 in the event of the Affiliate conducting the economic activity: copy of the relevant extract from the register of economic activity.

Marketing Materials disseminated by the Affiliate in accordance with points 3. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, XTB grants the Affiliate a nonexclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sub licensable, limited license to publish such Marketing Materials in the information channels made available by the Affiliate, which are approved and confirmed by XTB as included in the Affiliate Program.

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Prior to any use or alteration of any Marketing Materials by the Affiliate, the Affiliate shall submit a sample to XTB for its review and acceptance. Upon granting such an approval, the Affiliate acknowledges and hereby assigns and transfers to XTB, its successors, assignees, or nominees, all of Affiliate's right, title and interest to the materials invented and made by or for the Affiliate.

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In order to participate in the Affiliate Program, Affiliate must be of 18 years or older. Affiliate shall not actively direct its Services to any persons who are under the age of 18 years old, or under the age of majority in the territory where the Affiliate is operating, if older.

Any Affiliate interested in directing its Services to a person who is a Binary Options Academy or resident of any country outlined in the list referred above, is obliged to receive XTB's prior written approval. The Affiliate warrants the consent to enter into the Agreement has been expressed by duly authorised representatives applicable in the event where the Affiliate is a legal person.

Either party may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the other party fails to perform or unduly performs its obligations hereunder.

Binary Options Academy

The Affiliate shall indemnify XTB in respect of any claims from Customers, prospective customers or any third parties in relation to loss or liability arising directly from such information, advice, recommendation or decision, or any delay Binary Options Academy performance, default or negligence by the Affiliate in provision of Services hereunder.

XTB's liability, and the liability of the entities from XTB Group, officers, directors, employees and suppliers to Affiliate or any third party for any reason shall be limited to the amount of the Fees paid by XTB to the Affiliate during the 12 month period preceding the event giving rise to any claim for damages. This limitation applies to all causes of action, including but not limited to breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, misrepresentation and other torts.

Except as explicitly permitted herein, nothing in this Agreement or on any of the Websites, should be construed as granting, by implication, any license or right to use any XTB Trademarks.

XTB Group shall be the Binary Options Academy and exclusive owner of the database of names and contact information and any other data of all Customers and Leads, without limitation to Customers and Leads directed to the Website through Hyperlink. The Affiliate acknowledges that XTB may access information from or about visitors to the Affiliate's website, and may use such information for any purpose, always such access and use shall be in accordance with the applicable legislation regarding personal data protection.

In such case, the Affiliate shall be the administrator of such personal data. The Affiliate hereby represents that while processing personal data the Affiliate shall comply with all requirements under applicable legal provisions relating to personal data processing.

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It is unequivocally understood and relevantly agreed that any personal data processing effected for the purposes of the present Agreement, shall always be carried out in strict accordance to the applicable legislation rata dolarului bitcoin astăzi to personal data protection i. This Agreement supersedes any and all oral representations of the Parties. XTB Binary Options Academy amend any of the terms of this Agreement including, without limitation, the Rates, Remuneration Plans or any criteria applying to any of the Remuneration Plan and the list of Prohibited Countries at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion, upon posting notice on www.

Binary Options Academy

Affiliate's sole remedy if such amendment is not acceptable to it, is to terminate this Agreement, in accordance with the point 8. The provisions of the generally applicable law shall apply to any issues not governed herein. The parties shall make good faith attempt at solving any and all disputes arising in respect of this Agreement, first internally, submitting the same for settlement lucrați la investiții pe internet their senior management staff.

Any and all disputes arising between the parties and not settled amicably within thirty Binary Options Academy days from the good faith attempt at solving the dispute, shall be subject to settlement exclusively by the court having jurisdiction over the registered office of XTB. XTB and Affiliate are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement creates any partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between them, grants to Affiliate authority to make any representation on XTB's behalf or make public any information concerning XTB, or prohibits XTB from operating websites that are similar to or compete with Affiliate's website.

In the event any provision of this Agreement is held to be Binary Options Academy or unenforceable, such provision shall be construed, as nearly as possible, to reflect the original provision and the other provisions remain in full force and effect. A breach of provisions hereof by one of the Parties shall authorise the other party to terminate the Agreement forthwith.

Neither XTB nor the Affiliate shall be in breach of this Agreement or under any liability for any delay, loss, or damage caused wholly or in part by any act of God, governmental restriction, fire, flood, power failure, condition or control breakdown, malfunction in any telecommunication system computer service, link failures, power difficulties, telephone outages, network overload, default or failure of a third party, or by any other act, matter, or thing beyond its reasonable control.

Any and all correspondence sent by the Parties shall be regarded as received by the other Party after the lapse of the following timeframes: a. It is agreed that all terms of the Binary Options Academy are of the essence.

Binary Options Academy

Appendix 1 — applicable to and binding on Affiliates who have individually agreed on special conditions concering Remuneration Plan before This should be a person that filled the registration form properly, was reached by our sales team and expressed an interest in our offer.