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    Hackathons winner and open source contributor. Even if she is skilled in server architecture, infrastructure solutions, and project management,  since she joined Python github trading bot she have found the opportunity  to learn new things related to digital applications web solutions and she managed to lead the succesfull implementation of a brand new CMS platform in a record time.

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    Most of his time is spent working in Digital Engineering space innovating and finding the best technical solutions. He has vast experience in different technologies, open source enthusiast and he enjoys helping others grow.

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    While working in the field of software development can be a very demanding experience, I find it equally rewarding, with great opportunities. Passionate about teaching and educating people, I put efforts in promoting a culture of openness and feedback among my peers. There are 10 types of developers: those who test their code and opțiuni binare live who don't Speaker Session About the talk Do you test your code?

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    How much effort do you put into testing? During this presentation we will speak about the benefits of doing multiple types of developer-based functional testing. You will find out how an extensive testing approach, efficiently implemented, can actually save you time on the long term and guarantee the success of the delivery.

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    Lastly, we will see what we can do as developers to build a healthy mindset around the concept of testing practical Java examples. He likes to spend his free python github trading bot traveling with his family or riding his motorcycle.

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    How to manage big traffic events: an empirical approach Speaker Session About the talk The way we develop apps in eMAG has been shaped by Black Friday, an event that we have been organizing for the past 9 years. In the first few years we approached Black Friday start-up style: it came into focus a few weeks before the actual event.

    Now, however, its impact on the eMAG site is the first question we ask ourselves before starting any development. In this presentation you are going to find out how, through heavy testing and cutting edge dev-ops tools, Black Friday has shaped eMAG into what it is today. DevOps -

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